You can be the peanut butter to my jelly..You can be the butterflies I feel in my belly..You can be the captain And I can be your first mate..You can be the chills that I feel on our first date..You can be the hero And I can be your sidekick..You can be the tear That I cry if we ever split..You can be the rain from the cloud when it's storming..Or you can be the sun when it shines in the morning.........nur_erna2000@yahoo.com

Cara Nak Buat Sticky Post

Korang pilih je mana2 entry yg korang nak jadikan ia sebagai sticky post... 
Pastu korang ikut je cara kat bawah ni... Ikut step by step ye...

1 . Klik Post Option.
2. Tick dekat Scheduled at
3. Type tarih yang korang nak post korang sampai bila
4. Masa korang nak post korang sampai bila
5. Da siap . Publish Post :)

=Good Luck!=
( Jadi tak ? Bagitawu yer ^_^ )



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